Belgian Week 2020 – Grants & Prizes

  • The Belgian Week of Gastroenterology stimulates researchers and experts to share their findings with us. We are happy to announce what we considered to be the best posters and presentations at the 2020 edition.


    • BWGE: Bart Vanderborght
    • BWGE: Markus Boesch
    • BWGE: Angela-Maria Merli
    • ACTA: Thaïs Roussef

    Prizes given by the Belgian Week of Gastroenterology

    • Best e-Poster Basic: Dr Julie Rodriguez. Discovery of the gut microbial signature driving the efficacy of prebiotic intervention on liver steatosis.
    • Best e-Poster Clinical: Dr Katleen Janssens. The association between primary tumour location, biomarkers and survival: a Belgian population-based study.
    • Best Case Report Hepatology: Dr Michael Staessens. The use of ribavirin in a severe case of hepatitis E infection necessitating renal replacement therapy.
    • Best Case Report GastroEnterology: Dr Johanna Jacobs. A case of miliary abdominal tuberculosis in an anti-TNF treated patient with Crohn’s disease.

    Prizes given by the organizing societies

    • BASL Basic: Dr Sophie Leclercq.
    • BASL Clinical: Dr Stijn Van Hees.
    • BGDO Oral Presentation: Ms Sofie De Meulder.
    • BIRD: Dr Anneline Cremer.
    • BPC: Dr Mariana Figueiredo Ferreira.
    • BSGIE Oral Presentation: Dr Gertjan Rasschaert.
    • BSGIE Best abstract: Dr Michiel Bronswijk.
    • GIREM: Dr Candice Fung.
    • Pathology Oral Presentation: Dr Suzane Ribeiro.
    • Pathology Best Case Report: Dr Annelore Vandendriessche.