Ultrasound Sessions

  • Once again, the Belgian Week organizes a practical, Hands-on Ultrasound Course.

    The goal is NOT to teach the normal gastro-intestinal anatomy.

    This year the course will be organized on Wednesday and Thursday, from 17:00 till 19:00.

    The Wednesday session will focus on common abdominal pathology and aims at trainees in gastroenterology, internal medicine and emergency medicine. Participants will be divided in beginners and more experienced sonographists. This course offers the possibility to get acquainted with ultrasound recordings of rare (and not so rare) gastro-intestinal disorders (Budd-Chiari syndrome, portal vein thrombosis, …) in order to improve and upgrade your ultrasound skills.

    The course is in collaboration with the young VVGE and young BASL.

    The Thursday session will focus on ultrasound in bowel disorders and aims at experienced trainees in gastroenterology and gastroenterologists using sonography in daily practice. The simulators that will be used are recorded at the Hannover University and demonstrate real life sonography in bowel disorders (diverticulitis, appendicitis, inflammatory bowel disorders,…). The goal of this course is to improve your ultrasound detection level of bowel disorders and its complications. The course will be given in collaboration with international experts in the field of ultrasound and bowel disease: Prof Gebel /Hannover University and Dr Taimr /Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam.

    Hands-on Ultrasound




    Places are limited but today, there are still some places available. You can subscribe via the Online registration form