Georges Brohée Prize

  • To the young investigators in basic and clinical gastroenterology.

    Please apply to the georges brohée prize 2018-2019 (5.000€)


    • ARTICLE 1. The «Georges Brohée Prize» has been created in order to reward the best research work in the field of Gastroenterology in its broadest sense.
      ARTICLE 2. The prize is biennial. Its amount, determined by the board of directors, will be announced at the beginning of each two year period. If the prize is not awarded, its amount will be added to the capital of the “Fonds Georges Brohée”.
      ARTICLE 3. Candidates must have the Belgian Nationality or have done their research work in Belgium; they must be younger than 40 years at the date of receipt of their work.
      ARTICLE 4. The research work has to be typewritten or printed. A Curriculum vitae of the responsible author must be included. The application should be addressed to the Secretary of the “Fonds Georges Brohée”: Dr Ivan. Borbath, Service de Gastro-entérologie, Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc, Avenue Hippocrate 10, 1200 Bruxelles (Tel. 02. 764.28.22 Fax 02. 764.89.27), before the first of January of each even year (for the period 2014-2015: 01-01-2016). Thereafter, the number of copies for the members of the jury will be specified.
      ARTICLE 5. The prize may not be awarded to a research work, previously rewarded by a prize equal or superior to 5000,00 €.
      ARTICLE 6. Previous publications will be accepted if their dates of printing do not exceed 4 years before submission for the prize.
      ARTICLE 7. Submitted work must be written in Dutch, English or French with a summary in English and include all original articles of the author, related to the work, in a single scientific brochure.
      ARTICLE 8. The prize cannot be divided but it can acknowledge the work of several authors; it will be awarded only to the responsible author, with the written consent of the co-authors.
      ARTICLE 9. The rewarded work has to be published in Acta Gastro-Enterologica Belgica (cf. article 10)
      Article 10. The responsible author of the crowned work should submit to the Editor-in-Chief of Acta Gastro- Enterologica Belgica a manuscript of about 10 double-space typewritten pages. He/she can do so by submitting the manuscript online at: This commitment is a prerequisite for the attribution of the prize and will be fulfilled within 3 months after reception of the letter announcing the decision of the Jury to the prize winner.
      ARTICLE 11. Composition of the Jury is decided by the General Assembly and will consist of 3 members of the “Fonds Georges Brohée” + experts. The decision of the Jury is without appeal.
  • Dr. Martin HIELE (President), Dr. Edouard LOUIS (Vice-president), Dr. Ivan BORBATH (Secretary)

    Administrative secretary: H Van Leemputten, J.Stallaert St 28, 1050 Brussels