Research Grants

  • BWGE research grant

    Objective: to support each year 3 original research projects in the field of Hepatology and Gastroenterology (basic and/or clinical)

    Amount: € 2.500 each
    Application deadline:December 15 of each year

    The work must be performed at a Belgian institution (hospital and/or university).
    The research proposal must be written in English.
    The applicant should be holder of a master degree in medicine or in biomedical sciences.
    The applicant must not be older than 40 years when applying for the grant.
    The grant holder commits himself to present the results of his work at the BWGE within 2 years after having received the grant money.
    The grants will be awarded during the annual BWGE Meeting by the President of the BWGE. The presence of the grant winners at the BWGE Meeting is required to receive the grant. The non-compliance with this condition will result in the loss of the grant.

    Jury: The jury is composed of the members of the BWGE Steering Committee and 1 external reviewer appointed by the Steering Committee. Each project is scored from 1 to 5 points by all members of the Steering Committee and by the external reviewer. The average score of the steering committee members accounts for 75% and the score of the external reviewer for 25% of the final score. If the jury decides that none of the projects reaches a sufficient scientific level, the grants will not be awarded.

    Documents to be submitted:

    1. Summary of the applicant’s (or his research team’s) previous work and publications in relationship to the research proposal (max. 1 A4 page, style Times New Roman or Arial, size 12, single spaced).
    2. An outline of the research proposal (max. 2 A4 pages, style Times New Roman or Arial, size 12, single spaced)
    3. The applicant’s CV with a complete list of the applicant’s publications

    These documents should be sent to the current BWGE president by e-mail (